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Asymmetric Swing

  • Shampoo hair, then condition with Equilibrium Conditioner.
  • Apply Foam First™ Memory Styling Foam and wrap hair or mold in direction of desired style.
  • Place under warm dryer until completely dry.
  • Once hair is dry, apply a small amount of Scalp and Hairdress Conditioner. Comb through to release wrap or mold.
  • The Cut
  • Section hair from the corner of right eyebrow, along the crest line and slightly above the occipital and secure with a clip just behind the left ear.
  • Using shear over comb or clipper technique tapper hair below sectioned off hair from right side to back section.
  • Release sectioned hair.
  • On right side: use 1/2 inch curve parting and point cut to blend hair into tapered area.
  • Continue 1/2 inch curve partings into your back section to left ear and point cut until you have completed an asymmetric flow.
  • On your long side free hand using unconstructed layering technique to create maximum movement in your cut.
  • Use a slithering or razor cutting technique and cut diagonally to establish length and create texture in the bang area.
  • Curl or flat iron using Lacquer-Like™ Spritz and Glistening Gloss™ misting as you curl.
  • You as the stylist can get as creative as you desire with the cut to create an upward or beveled direction with your asymmetric swing.
Swing Hair Style
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