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Bob & Bang Theory

  • Shampoo hair, then condition with Equilibrium Conditioner.
  • Apply Foam First™ Memory Styling Foam and wrap hair or mold in direction of desired style.
  • Place under warm dryer until completely dry.
  • Once hair is dry, apply a small amount of Scalp and Hairdress Conditioner. Comb through to release wrap or mold.
  • The Cut
  • Section hair in a 4 part section and secure each section.
  • Starting in the back of the hair use a 1/2 inch curve parting.
  • Hold hair at a low elevation parallel to your partings and cut.
  • Continue using 1/2 inch partings cutting until back section is complete.
  • Release the left side and use a 1/2 inch diagonal forward parting.
  • Cut at low elevation parallel to your parting.
  • Continue using 1/2 inch partings and cut parallel to your parting at a low elevation until the section is complete.
  • Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Use a 1 inch center panel in the back of head and hold hair out at 90° and cut.
  • Using a traveling guide continue cutting at a 90° from center to left ear.
  • Repeat from center to opposite ear.
  • In the crown area using a horizontal parting, hold hair up at a 90° and cut to establish guideline.
Swing Hair Style
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