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Ready, Set, Curls

  • Shampoo hair, then condition with Equilibrium Conditioner.
  • Saturate hair with Foam First™ Memory Styling Foam and roller set with medium magnetic roller.
  • Place under warm dryer until hair is completely dry.
  • Once hair is dry, remove rollers and apply a small amount of Scalp and Hairdress Conditioner.
  • Brush only in crown area to release curl and to distribute oils.
  • Using a large tooth comb, form a large wave separating smooth crown and curls.
  • Use large duck bill clips to secure waves and mist with Lacquer-Like™ Spritz as you form waves.
  • Remove clips and secure curl/hair with Lacquer-Like™ Spritz.
  • Upon completion of waves, finger style curls and separate random curls to create volume.
  • Mist with Glistening Gloss™.
Swing Hair Style
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